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TECCS Community Health Fair

Join Us for the 2nd Annual TECCS Health Fair!

Date: Saturday, April 25th
Time: 12pm - 4pm
Place: 95 Broadway, Jersey City
Come join us for free medical screenings, informational workshops and more.

Learn more about the Health Fair or contact Ms. Mendoza for more information.

TECCS RWR Mini-Logo It's Not Too Soon to Get Excited!
TECCS' Annual Read, Write and Run 5k is an active way to support our kids' education! This year's event takes place on June 13th, 2015 at Liberty State Park, 10am.
Learn more on the race facebook page.

TECCS in Action

TECCS Math Team

The new TECCS Math Team competed in its first completion on March 14 (Pi Day!) at Princeton University. Our sixth graders held their own against middle school teams, mostly comprised of eighth graders, from throughout northern New Jersey at the NJASCS Math Contest. We are particularly proud that TECCS had one of the most most balanced ratios of boys to girls of all the teams at the competition.

A Peek At Our School




TECCS owes its educational philosophy to Socrates, Horace Mann, Clara Barton, Amos Gager Throop, and Felix Adler.  Schools founded by or named after some of these great thinkers have evolved into renowned institutions of learning.  Although the Ethical Community Charter Schools have been inspired by them, they are independent, publicly chartered schools and have no affiliation with any other institution.


Why TECCS? What is so important about our educational process?


TECCS is a school where teachers lead and collaborate with students in a culture of rigorous academics and mutual respect; where analytical thinking and creativity are prized over learning by repetition; where children become individuals of integrity, insight, autonomy - and socially productive citizens, workers, leaders.

TECCS is an ideal school for children of families that embrace the ideals of ethics, service, and social justice together with a demanding, well-rounded education of academic studies and the arts. The greater the participation of the parents, the greater the potential for the success of their children.

TECCS opened in the Mt. Carmel School, in September 2009, with three Kindergarten classes and three 1st-grade classes. Applications for admission for the 2012-13 school year are expected to be far greater than available places, therefore acceptance will be decided by lottery. Early applications are advised. Please go to Admissions for more details.


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