Parent Information and Involvement

At TECCS, education is a partnership! The success of our children – your children – involves every parent, guardian, and teacher within our community. The details on the education process are presented at the site of the best writing service, at

You are welcome to make appointments to visit your child’s class. You will meet with our teachers regularly to discuss your child’s needs and progress. You will be invited to share your special knowledge, skills, and culture with your child’s class. As a parent or guardian, you will be invited to help us on class trips and with special school activities.

We also encourage you to attend meetings of the FSA and the Board of Trustees. Upcoming meeting dates are posted to the homepage. See the helpful links below for additional information of interest to parents.


TECCS was founded by parents who wanted an extraordinary education and a strong involvement in their child’s education. The Family School Association (FSA) is the organization that brings together teachers, administrators and families of TECCS in support of the school. The FSA is comprised of various committees that fundraise, organize events, serve lunch, volunteer for the school library and build unity both within the school and our greater community. All parents and/or guardians are automatically members of the FSA, and no dues are charged. Meetings are held on varying dates to give everyone an opportunity to attend, and participation is encouraged in order to get TECCS additional support. All parents/guardians are encouraged to volunteer in some way for the school - whether that is making calls from home or soliciting donations for a fundraising event. The goals of FSA are to support TECCS and let parents/guardians have a great impact on the success of your child’s education. Please contact  or  for more information about the FSA.

FSA Committees
We invite you to join our Family and School Association (FSA), where you will become a vital part of our school life. The FSA incorporates several volunteer-based committees including:

Class Parents/Hospitality

  • Establishes the emergency phone chain
  • Coordinates with staff classroom events
  • Coordinates with Principal and Executive Secretary school events


  • Solicits and coordinates schedule of volunteers for daily lunch supervision

Print and Publications

  • Drafts FSA Newsletter

Outreach/Public Relations

  • Communicates with the community

Programs and Assemblies

  • Researches, views and communicates to Principal potential programs to enhance curriculum

The more involved you are in planning and participating in school events, the more your children can reach important goals for learning and success.

FSA Officers
Your FSA officers for 2014-15 are:

  • , President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • , Treasurer
  • Teacher Representative
  • Fundraising Committee Chair
  • Volunteering Committee Chair/Class Parent Coordinator
  • Marketing & Communications Committee Chair
  • , Programs & Assemblies Committee Chair

FSA elections for these offices are held annually. These are truly rewarding opportunities and a great way to effect change and support TECCS!


The school day begins at 8:30 am and ends at 4:00 pm. Early Bird and After Care programs are available from our Funtivities program.


It is critical that your contact information be maintained accurately as we rely on this data for emergencies, daily communication, and regulatory reporting to the state. If any of your contact information has recently changed including mailing address, phone numbers, email addresses, and legal names or you simply want to add a second email address or phone number please, complete our form and submit your changes.

Keep your Emergency Card current and submit and updates to your child's medical care information and emergency contacts.


School events and milestones are announced in the folders sent home with your child daily and via the school's website, Look for the events coming in the next few days by checking out the "Important Announcements" section of our homepage. For a full-view of events and milestones for the school visit our Calendar


Students will eat under the supervision of their teachers or assistant teachers. The lunch program is an opportunity to teach students about healthy eating habits. There will be no vending machines offering unhealthy snacks or beverages.


There are many opportunities for parents and community members to support their children and the school’s programs. Karen Alegria, Chair of the FSA's volunteering committee, distributes regular updates on where volunteers are currently needed the most and how to participate in the School's volunteer program. You can reach the Volunteering Committee at If you have an idea for how you would like to help the school, or if you would simply like to offer your assistance, please call 201-606-8108.


Application deadlines and lottery dates can be found on the Admissions page. See also the Calendar.


The family handbook can be viewed and/or downloaded here.


Each teacher produces a weekly newsletter that is distributed in students' folders and posted to the website in the "Teacher pages" section.


Follow this link to read the NCLB Policy, NCLB Parent Contract, and our NCLB Parent Letter.


The Facebook page is for members of the community to get a different take on our school. There are updates, photos of parent events, and Facebook members and 'Friends' of TECCS can post on a moderated discussion. You do not have to join Facebook to see this page so visit us on Facebook!