PaySchools FAQ

Q - How do I get to the website? The link in the original letter is too long/complicated to enter.
A - You can simply go to and click on the link to "Pay for School Services" in the left hand navigation menu. This link will take you to an external website called "PaySchools." You will also find a link to this "Online Lunch Payment FAQ" on the TECCS website.

Q - Can I order my child's lunches using the PaySchools service?
No. This service is solely intended to allow you to pay for your child's lunches online. You will still need to review the menu distributed by the School each month, select the lunches your child will be purchasing, and return this to TECCS. TECCS is reviewing a service that will allow for online ordering and this service will eventually integrate with PaySchools. When this service is available, you will receive a note describing how to participate.

Q - Can I use this service if my child is eligible for reduced lunches?
Yes. Simply select the reduced lunch product when completing payment. Please note: This price is only available to those who have been notified by the School Food Service Director that they meet the Federal income requirements for reduced lunch. If you purchase lunch at a reduced price but are not eligible, TECCS will apply the balance of your purchase toward as many full-priced lunches as your balance permits.

Q - How can I find out the balance on my child's lunch account?
The letter that was sent home in your child's backpack the week of Jan 4th lists the balance on your child's account as of the time the letter was sent. To receive the latest information about your child's lunch account balance, please contact Margaret Colantonio at .

Q - What sort of payment methods are accepted?
PaySchools accepts payments via credit card and/or via your checking account.

Q - Does my used lunch balance carry over to the next month?

Q - What if I have already paid for lunches by check? Will the payment I make with PaySchools be added to my existing balance?
Yes. You may contact Margaret Colantonio at with questions about your child's current lunch balance.

Q - I'm having trouble registering for the service. Can you provide step-by-step instructions?

  1. Obtain the letter that was sent home with your child the week of January 4th. This letter contains your child's confidential lunch ID. If you no longer have this letter, you can obtain your child's ID by contacting Margaret Colantonio at .

2. Go to and click on "Pay for Lunches Online"

3. Choose either "standard priced lunch" or "reduced lunch," depending on your child's eligibility. If this is the first time you have used PaySchools, you will be prompted to register for a new account. If you have used PaySchool's before, skip to step 7.

4. Follow the "click here to register" link at the top of the page for new users. Fill out the information requested in the registration form. Be sure to provide a valid email address, as this is where you will receive your payment receipts.

5. When your registration information has been received, you will see a page stating that "You currently have no students associated to your account." Click on the link provided to associate a student with your account.

6. In the form provided, enter your child's confidential lunch ID and his/her first and last name.

7. Upon successfully adding your child(ren) to your account, you may click on "Available Products" in the left-hand navigation, then "Lunch" to begin adding lunches to your cart.

8. When you have added as many lunches as you wish to purchase, click "Checkout." If only one child is associated with your account, then this child will be pre-selected upon checkout. If more than one child is associated with your account, you will need to select which child your purchase applies to in the "Applies To" pull-down menu at the bottom of this page. Click continue when you are satisfied that the information is correct.

9. If you choose to pay by check, you may enter your checking account information now. Otherwise, click on "Payment by Credit or Debit Card" to pay by card. After entering your payment information, click on the "Pay" button at the bottom of the page. You will receive an email confirming your purchase at the address with which you registered.

Q - Where can I get additional help with using PaySchools?
For additional help with signing up and/or using PaySchools, please contact Margaret Colantonio at [email protected]