Marta Bergamini, principal of The Ethical Community Charter School, Jersey City brings you frequent insights on the school, its students and information of interest to families.

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First Week in Review

Today is the 5th day of school and I am seeing children who did not know each other holding hands at recess and sharing toys. Students are becoming familiar with the building and are bonding with their teachers.  On Friday, the children on the bus all waved goodbye!

First Day of School!

The school will successfully open Tuesday, 9/1, due to the very generous donation of time, resources, energy, and love from all of you. This love and positive energy that we feel permeates the hallways and classrooms. We will greet you Tuesday grateful for:

Welcome! A Brief FAQ for Families

It is a pleasure meeting you as you drop off your Transfer Slips. Many of you have questions for the first days of school that we will address at the Open House. In the event you will not be able to attend, below are some answers.