Marta Bergamini, principal of The Ethical Community Charter School, Jersey City brings you frequent insights on the school, its students and information of interest to families.

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February 2010

During these cold hibernating weeks of the New Year, the TECCS staff has been busy planning and creating projects!

New Year 1/1/10

Happy New Year!

The spirit of collaboration that has existed from the beginning between the parents and the staff resulted in an incredible start of school. Your continued support of time and resources are so appreciated and your affirmations are energizing!

12/7 Circle of Friendship

Two very enthusiastic Kindergartners invited me to observe the Circle of Friendship taking place in their classroom on Friday afternoon. When I entered Ms.Alfano's and Ms. Fauria's classroom, the students were sitting in a circle on the carpet. The Student of the Week was sitting in the center. This activity ends the week for the student selected as The Student of the Week.

Museum 11/15/09

I am not sure who was more excited about our first field trip: the staff or the students! The Jersey City Museum planned a program for Kindergarten and First Grades that included a tour of landscape paintings and a short discussion about Hudson history. Afterwards, the First Grade created their own landscape paintings and Kindergarteners created landscapes out of paper products. Exposing students to art appreciation by visiting museums or listening to a musical performance is as beneficial to their education as teaching language arts, math, and science.

Halloween Weekend 11/1/09

Happy Halloween Weekend! Friday was a great day at TECCS! We were busy with visitors and activities.

Tenafly Nature Center arrived in the morning to conduct weather experiments and to discuss weather patterns with both Kindergarten and First Grades.

Week of 10/19/09

On Friday, Mrs. Caggiano's Kindergarten enjoyed a wonderful presentation by Rahul's Mom on the Indian tradition of Diwali. The students learned about the customs and decorated clay pots.  Our school is rich with many nationalities and it is important to share them with each other! We encourage all of you to participate. 

Week of 10/05/09

Thank you parents for attending our first Open House! We had a wonderful response to our programs and future plans. Thank you also to Laura Alfano, our Kindergarten teacher, who produced our first video: A Day at TECCS.  There were  very few dry eyes in the auditorium as parents saw their children participating  in school activities. 

Week of 09/21/09

Thanks to the Jersey City Public Library System, The Bookmobile arrived last week.  The First Grade had the opportunity to go on board, sit on the carpet, and read favorite stories. One student exclaimed, "Wow! It's like the Magic School Bus!"  Everyone enjoyed this new experience. The Bookmobile will be coming to us every two weeks.

A Poem From Ms. Haitz, Miss S. and 1H

Today, as a class, we decided to write a poem all about Fall in honor of the upcoming Fall season. The children all participated and took turns hand writing the different parts of the poem on a poster that we will be hanging in the hallway outside of our classroom for all to see! Because we worked so hard on it, we also wanted to share the poem with you.

Second Week in Review

Last week was an eventful week: we had our first fire drill, our first assembly,our first indoor recess, and our first project in the cafeteria!