Marta Bergamini, principal of The Ethical Community Charter School, Jersey City brings you frequent insights on the school, its students and information of interest to families.

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February 2010

During these cold hibernating weeks of the New Year, the TECCS staff has been busy planning and creating projects!

As you walk our halls on Fridays after lunch, you will see first graders reading to kindergarteners. Our Reading Buddies Program began in January. Teachers assigned buddies based on reading levels. These partnerships will be the same all year to provide consistency and build social skills.

The FSA Programs and Assemblies Committee planned a very informative and fun assembly with the Liberty Science Center. Students learned about the digestive system and healthy eating habits.

The first grade was disappointed to have their field trip to the Mack-Cali building for the unveiling of Bottle V.2 postponed due to the weather. TECCS students contributed to this exhibit by Polly Barden by saving plastic water bottles. The Water Bottle Project viewing is rescheduled for February 17th at 10 am. Since this is during our vacation, please try to attend with your child.

The FSA was busy this Monday afternoon setting up for our first Book Fair. Please join us from Tuesday to Thursday to view the book selection supplied by Scholastic.

March promises a month full of activities. Please watch for our notices:

    12th: Field trip to Aladdin performed by high school students at the Hudson Technical School  

     24th: Dental Hygiene Program

  29th: Writer in Resident program: Hudson Talbott will be speaking about his book, River of Dreams: The Hudson River Story. Books will be ordered for author signing.