Marta Bergamini, principal of The Ethical Community Charter School, Jersey City brings you frequent insights on the school, its students and information of interest to families.

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Week of 10/05/09

Thank you parents for attending our first Open House! We had a wonderful response to our programs and future plans. Thank you also to Laura Alfano, our Kindergarten teacher, who produced our first video: A Day at TECCS.  There were  very few dry eyes in the auditorium as parents saw their children participating  in school activities. 

The Family and School Association has formed with Bess Morrison as president. The first meeting is this Tuesday, 10/6, in the cafeteria at 7:15.  Needless to say, your support throuh this organization is vital in making our dreams a reality.

Friday Chats start this Friday, 10/9, 2-3. Please call Miriam and sign-up. Our new number is: 201-984-4156. (All previous numbers are being phased-out).  Together we will discuss concerns and brainstorm possible solutions.

I recently purchased the book, Simplicity Parenting: Using the Extraordianry Power of Less to Raise Calmer, Happier, and More Secure Kids by Kim Payne. I have started reading it and will keep you informed of any insights on the very challenging role we parents have! Another interesting read  is: Alfie Kohn's, The Myth About Homework. Perhaps one day the FSA can sponsor talks from dynamic authors for all us to attend!