Marta Bergamini, principal of The Ethical Community Charter School, Jersey City brings you frequent insights on the school, its students and information of interest to families.

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12/7 Circle of Friendship

Two very enthusiastic Kindergartners invited me to observe the Circle of Friendship taking place in their classroom on Friday afternoon. When I entered Ms.Alfano's and Ms. Fauria's classroom, the students were sitting in a circle on the carpet. The Student of the Week was sitting in the center. This activity ends the week for the student selected as The Student of the Week. During the week, that student has shared interests, future dreams, and likes and dislikes. His/her poster hangs in the classroom with drawings and pictures. As I quietly entered the classroom, students were praising the Student of the Week using sentences that start with, "You are...". During this activity, eye contact is encouraged and the student in the center answers, "Thank you!". Ms. Alfano records all adjectives mentioned on a form that is later laminated and sent home.

What a wonderful project! Thank you, Ms. Alfano and Ms. Fauria, for continuously thriving to build a supportive and positive classroom community!