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A Poem From Ms. Haitz, Miss S. and 1H

Today, as a class, we decided to write a poem all about Fall in honor of the upcoming Fall season. The children all participated and took turns hand writing the different parts of the poem on a poster that we will be hanging in the hallway outside of our classroom for all to see! Because we worked so hard on it, we also wanted to share the poem with you.


Hope you enjoy!          

Ms. Haitz, Miss S. and 1H



By: 1H


When I …

hear leaves rustling, birds chirping, haunted sounds, trick-or-treaters, and

smell apple pie, turkey, apples, candy, and

see pumpkins, leaves changing, football, scarecrows, and

touch rakes, leaf piles, apples, and pumpkins,

I know it's FALL!



Great job 1H!

This is great!

This is a great poem! Thanks for sharing!