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Halloween Weekend 11/1/09

Happy Halloween Weekend! Friday was a great day at TECCS! We were busy with visitors and activities.

Tenafly Nature Center arrived in the morning to conduct weather experiments and to discuss weather patterns with both Kindergarten and First Grades.

While the children had lunch and recess, the FSA, the Family and School Association, arrived to decorate the gym for our Fall Festival Fair. Following the plans set by the teachers; nine stations of activities were ready by 2:00. Children had fun painting gourds, participating in relay races, and getting their face painted! The teamwork between parents and staff resulted in a fantastic day for all. We are already making plans for next year’s Fall Festival incorporating our new Kindergarten and Second Grades!

Please mark your calendars for Monday, November 23rd. We would like to invite families, friends, and the Board of Trustees to join us in our Thanksgiving Recital from 9-10 in the gym.

Thank you Ms. Haitz and Ms. Sepulveda’s Class for this creative poem!


By 1H 

When I... 

hear trick-or-treating sounds, spooky sounds, and talking, 

smell pumpkins, apple pie, candy, and pumpkin pie, 

see decorations, pumpkin patches, ghosts, and vampires, 

touch candy buckets, costumes, and “eyeballs,” and 

taste candy, candy bracelets, and ring pops,

 I know it’s Halloween!