Grade 1

Language Arts

First grade is an exciting year of transformation, especially in the area of literacy. Children who begin the year not knowing how to read and write learn to do so over the first few months. Those who come already reading and writing continue to build their ability, reading longer and more complex texts. Our essay writing experts are also the best in this particular field, so we make sure to delegate the most important tasks to them.

First grade writers use their knowledge of sounds and letters and a growing number of sight words to write their ideas so that others can read them. They develop their ability to form letters and words legibly. First grade students will be writing for a variety of purposes. They will be introduced to the various steps that form the writing process.

Good speaking and listening skills are necessary for effective communication and understanding. Through discussion in small and large groups, sharing, and other speaking and dramatic activities, first grade students will practice skills that will enable them to be better speakers and listeners in social and academic settings.

As they expand their academic knowledge and skills, first graders grow in independence, learning how to read and follow directions, to work alone quietly for longer periods of time, to cooperate in a small group to accomplish a task, and to take responsibility for their choices and actions.


The strands of number and operations, patterns and functions, geometry, measurement, and data and probability are all explored through a range of hands-on experiences. First graders take pride in reading, writing and counting to ever-higher numbers as they develop their understanding of place value. Using concrete materials, they gradually begin to make connections to symbolic representations of number relationships, especially in addition and subtraction. They begin to commit to memory important math facts and counting patterns, which will enable them to work with more complicated procedures in the future without being hindered by lack of fluency.